Adverising, sailing and eventually Ganema

2014-12-21 14:27

I have been an advertising man for more than 20 ys now. Half Greek half American. One of my hobbies has been sailing. I ve owned a sailboat and have sailed for many years all the Aegean. I was always dreaming of buying the ideal summer house.

In one of my most adventurous sailing journeys facing wild winds of 10Bf had a happy ending in the safe waters of Ganema. Well in this way I spotted Ganema in Serifos. I liked the place so much I wished I could one day stay there for ever. So eventually I learned that there were houses to be built there. That was it!

I was lucky enough to be able and got three of them. One or even two of them can be yours for a few or many days in the summer.

I can't live without the Greek sea sailing, without Bruce Springsteen, my guitar and my family.